Hamburg, NJ

This is a true retreat experience–and we are whisking you away to focus completely on you and your business. Hamburg, NJ, is located about 55 miles from Newark Airport and LaGuardia Airport.

Crystal Springs Resort – This Adirondack-style lodge sets the stage for the perfect harmony of luxury and nature’s bounty, creating a four-star escape like no other. Partake in on-site indulgence in the amazing indoor Biosphere Tropical Pool Complex, glamorous Reflections Spa, world-class dining at the award-winning Restaurant Latour, and an impressive collection in the Resort’s world-renowned wine cellar.

It is suggested that you arrive a day early so you are rested and ready to go on Thursday, October 26th. I want you to think of this as an event-like retreat—treat yourself with time before and after, so you are not rushing around and feeling frazzled. After all, we are going to be talking Time & Freedom!

Might I also suggest that you leave the day after the event on October 29th? This will give you time to transition back into your “normal” life after a transformational experience. Your mind and body will thank you for it!

Have questions? Please reach out to my team and we will be happy to assist!