October 17-20, 2019 | NYC

Profit from your Platform

This event experience is for established coaches, consultants, and speakers who want to discover how to host PROFITABLE events (live and virtual) that fill you and your attendees with JOY.

You deserve to be highly-paid for your brilliance, not just in your programs and services, but also at your live events.

This event is going to teach you the ins and outs of hosting awesome events AND how to make a sh!t-ton of money in the process.

At Time & Freedom LIVE!, you will plan your next event with real numbers, so you know exactly how to be profitable before the event even starts–whether it’s a multi-day event, a workshop, a conference, or a retreat.

Who is this event for?

Established coaches and consultants who:

  • Want to discover how to host profitable events, in-person or virtually.
  • Want in-depth education on profitable event design and what it takes to be highly-paid for your brilliance.
  • Want to experience a FUN, interactive live event experience, and meet other kickass business owners while doing so.  
  • Want to use #JoyFirst as THE guiding principle when building a business and Time & Freedom lifestyle.  

If you love showing up live for your peeps, and desire to be HIGHLY PROFITABLE when hosting events, Time & Freedom LIVE! is for you.

If you can relate to any of these situations, first breathe. Then, know that nothing is “wrong”.

If you don’t really understand your numbers, and wonder why you keep hosting events and NOT making money, Time & Freedom LIVE! is for you.

If you know your numbers, and are making some profit, but you want to make MORE MONEY and have a BIGGER REACH, Time & Freedom LIVE! is for you.

If you don’t know HOW to host a PROFITABLE and MEMORABLE live or virtual event experience, Time & Freedom LIVE! is for you.

If you know your numbers, but you are not happy with the PROFIT MARGIN after the event, Time & Freedom LIVE! is for you.  

If you have DREAMED of hosting events, but the thought of doing so has completely overwhelmed you, Time & Freedom LIVE! is for you.

Lots of people are teaching how to speak and how to put on events, but few are showing you HOW TO BE PROFITABLE when hosting events. At Time & Freedom LIVE! you will learn what you need to create events that fill you and your attendees with JOY and are PROFITABLE every time you host them.

When you attend this interactive training, you will:

  • Plan a real event on paper (crayons, sticky notes, and other inspiring materials included!), alongside a spreadsheet, so you know your numbers. This is all about the dreaming phase AND the doing phase.
  • You will learn the ins and outs and HOW-TOs of hosting a profitable event from the very beginning.   
  • Design your Signature Event Experience. This experience is what makes your event super-special and connects deeply to your audience, so they remember you and your events forever.  
  • Discover the power in Story Marketing, so that you can use story to engage and enroll your peeps into your event, long before they gather with you live.
  • Participate in local events and learning experiences where you will receive inspiration and knowledge. These events were chosen specifically to help you get into the flow of #JoyfulMarketing and think “outside your usual marketing box”, so you Profit from your Platform.
  • Feel empowered with strategies and tools you will practice using on-location and continue to apply when you return home, so that you create your next phase of business growth and transformation with a #WealthMindset.

Embrace your New York state of mind!

Time & Freedom LIVE! is taking things to a whole new level this year with an immersive event experience!

I love the diversity of New York City. All kinds of people from every walk of life can be found here, making the most of their lives, businesses, and all the opportunities the city has to offer. There is a freedom here to be who you are and create the life you want.

Most people learn best through hands-on experience and application. So we are hitting the streets of NYC to EXPERIENCE the city, WHILE we learn.

You are attending to discover how to host profitable events and how to market them in a way that lights you up with joy. During our time together, we will workshop, mastermind, and participate in multiple events around the city, so you have real-life inspiration for building your own profitable, custom event.


During your three-day immersive experience, we are going to take you on joyful, eclectic, and truly authentic New York journey. We will provide you the space to create, expand and design your personal platform for being profitable AND experiencing more Time & Freedom in your business.

Thursday, October 17th:

We will be opening our event with an intimate dinner experience and private comedy show. We’ll kick the whole night off with a Welcome Cocktail Reception, where you’ll meet your colleagues and start building relationships right away. This dinner will be modeled after Shannon’s sold out monthly Founders Dinners. It’s themed and interactive. You are in for a treat!

The hands-on training and workshop sessions are designed to take you on a step-by-step journey through every aspect of hosting your own live, profitable event. You’ll leave with a Profitable Platform Roadmap and YOUR Next Steps.

Friday, October 18th:

  • 9:00A:  Coffee, Tea, Networking, and Registration
  • 9:30A: Identifying Your Profitable Platform with Shannon
  • 11:00A: Designing Your Profitable Platform with Natalee Fox
  • 11:45A: Profitable Platform Hottie Seat
  • 12:30P: Lunch and Seek & Find Inspiration Scavenger Hunt
  • 1:45P: The How-Tos of Planning Your Profitable Platform with Shannon
  • 4:00P: Profitable Platform Hottie Seat
  • 4:45P: Day 1 Wrap-Up

Saturday, October 19th:

  • 9:00A: Coffee, Tea, and Networking
  • 9:30A: Marketing Your Profitable Platform with Shannon
  • 11:00A: Mindset and Your Profitable Platform with Bisi MacGregor
  • 11:45A: Profitable Platform Hottie Seat
  • 1:00P: Lunch and Central Park Tour  
    We will be enjoying the beautiful fall weather in a personalized tour throughout Central Park. You’ll hear the epic story of New York’s green oasis. We will explore the park, wandering the winding pedestrian paths, passing ponds, rocky outcrops, bridges, open fields and skyline views. All the while, gathering ideas for your Priced for Profit Events!

Sunday, October 20th:

  • 9:00A: Coffee, Tea, and Networking
  • 9:30A:  Your Profitable Platform Roadmap and Next Steps
  • 11:00A: Build Your Business Financial IQ with Roxana McKinney
  • 11:45A: Profitable Platform Hottie Seat
  • 12:30P: Lunch
  • 1:45P: Crafting Your Profitable Platform Signature Experience with Shannon
  • 4:00P: Profitable Platform Closing Ceremony

Who is M. Shannon Hernandez?

I am passionate about helping people make a shit-ton of money in their business. Why? Because you deserve to be paid for your brilliance. Period.


Earlier this year, a colleague pointed out a super-power I had been neglecting:

  • In 2017, I hosted the first Time & Freedom LIVE! In New Jersey. It was an amazing experience for myself and the 67 attendees. I walked into that event already in the green at $12k in profit—and after the event, my PROFIT total was $140k.
  • Since then, I have gone on to host events online via Zoom, namely the Joy|Money Matrix + Marketing Alignment Intensives. For the 8 months, I hosted these virtual events in 2018, I made between $18-$24k EACH MONTH.
  • In February of 2019, I took 8 ladies to Costa Rica with me for my annual Emerge Retreat. My profit from that event was $24k.

My superpower? I know my numbers. I know how to host interactive experiences and profitable events. When she told me this, it was like a ton of bricks hit me in the head. DUH!

It was also then that I turned my creative energy to helping my clients host profitable events. I tested out what I was doing to make sure it was working. And sure enough, when I taught my clients how to understand event numbers and plan experiences that filled them and their guests with JOY–they made a shit-ton of money too.

All of this got me thinking–geez, for those who love hosting live events, why aren’t more people profitable at them? I took a look at the market. It seems everyone and their sisters are teaching HOW to host events, but very few are teaching HOW TO HOST PROFITABLE events.

BINGO! Time & Freedom LIVE! 2019 is THE interactive event experience for established coaches, consultants, and speakers who want to discover how to host PROFITABLE events that fill you and your attendees with JOY.

Meet Your Emcee

Dana Pharant

It is time to ditch the push, hustle and grind, and connect with your authentic inner power and confidence. Dana’s commitment to living life in command of her feminine power and helping others connect with their Inner Dominatrix™️ has made her a sought-after speaker and coach. Dana is a 2-time best-selling author and a 2-time award-winning speaker/emcee.

It is my honor to be your emcee for this incredible event! I am a little bit edgy, a whole lot of fun and I have this powerful gift for holding a space in a way that allows you to drop in and get the absolute most from all that you will learn and experience. I have worked with clients for over 25 years, and run events for 17, and I love what is created when people come together in the same room, helping each other to rise up together. I can’t wait to meet you in person.

Meet Your Speakers

Engage with experts who will transform the way you think about hosting events, creating wealth, and the mindset needed to help you build a business that gives you ultimate time and freedom.

Bisi MacGregor | The Mindset Coach

Bisi, a gifted and magnetizing speaker and facilitator, is an expert in mastering internal fears and overcoming them to improve self-awareness and promote self-freedom. After a 20-year corporate career in Finance, she answered the calling of her soul–empowering individuals to find and reconnect to the parts of themselves that seem lost. Bisi works with mission-driven individuals who have lived their lives by other people’s standards, values and are now ready to live out the dreams in their heart. To have a fulfilling life, she believes you must birth your heart’s mission and live life according to YOUR heart’s instructions.


Mindset Mastery–How To Eliminate the Feeling of Self-Doubt (Even If You Have Tried, but Failed in the Past)

After this session, you will discover:


  • Fundamental Guiding principles to position you for success and abundance.
  • How to quickly identify and overcome the hidden fears that keep you doubting yourself and sabotaging your success.
  • A SIMPLE 3-step STRATEGY for fast, powerful action that increases confidence, self-belief and overcomes the fear-based issues that get in the way of your success. This means no more frustration, unfulfillment, guilt, or feeling trapped.

Roxana McKinney | Women Wealth & Worth, LLC

Roxana McKinney is the founder of Women Wealth & Worth, LLC and your trusted strategic guide on anything and everything financial. An ex-Wall Street trader turned champion for women, Roxana’s passion centers around helping female business owners transform their financial lives and command their true WORTH. She is dedicated to building trusted, long-term relationships with the clients she serves; helping them to achieve financial confidence and security through education. This way, they can save more, charge more, invest smarter, and live more financially free lives.


Build Your Business Financial IQ–and Not Being Afraid to Charge What You’re Worth

After this session, you will discover:

  • Discover the 3 most important financial tips every business owner should know to create a secure financial future
  • Learn how evaluate the competition, up your fees and effectively communicate this to your ideal client
  • Create a strategic action plan to command your true worth, so that you feel confident in asking for more and your clients gladly fork up what you’re truly WORTH!

Natalee Fox | The Travel Concierge

Natalee Fox is the owner of The Travel Concierge and your #BucketListChic consultant! With 25+ years of experience in her well-traveled suitcase she knows how to make Bucket List vacations a reality. Throughout her career in the travel industry, Natalee has had the privilege of helping hundreds of clients travel the world. After 20 years working in the Hotel Industry Natalee decided to live out a lifelong dream of owning her own agency and in 2015 opened The Travel Concierge. Natalee has focused on building her business around helping clients fulfill their destiny and life long dreams through travel. Topic:

Create Profitable Retreats while Living Out Your #BucketList Dreams

Discover how to create that dream retreat you’ve always wanted to host in your business AND be profitable. After this session, you will walk away with a road map to planning your next #BucketList Retreat!

  • Understand how to strategically select the location and timing of your retreat
  • Discover how to build out your activities and inclusions while dreaming BIG and creating experiential events for your clients.
  • Learn the ins and outs of pricing your retreat for profit and success
  • Learn why using industry experts save you time, money, and creates joy in your retreat planning process

Venue & Accomodations

Our 3 day event will take place at 108 W 39th Street, New York, NY, Suite 900. This luxurious and intimate location comes with wall to wall and floor to ceiling windows providing ample natural light and the quintessential New York experience. You’ll have the perfect space to dream and create your profitable event.

Travel & Hotel Details

As an attendee you will have access to our own Travel Concierge to help you with your flights, hotel, and parking reservations should you need assistance. Please reach out to Natalee Fox at (801) 713-9955 or natalee@thetravelconcierge.net and she will take care of you.

Airport Arrivals:

  • You must arrive by early afternoon of Thursday, October 17th. Our kickoff Cocktail Reception & Dinner starts at 7:00P ET!
  • Closest Airports are JFK, Laguardia, and then Newark, NJ

Hotel Accommodations:

This is a very popular time of year and hotels in the area will sell out fast. It is recommended you book your hotel room as soon as you register. We have a group rate available at The Roosevelt Hotel. This rate is only available until September 1st, and is based on a first come first serve basis, so please contact Natalee at (801) 713-9955 or natalee@thetravelconcierge.net and she will take care of you.

Other Hotel Locations:

The following hotels are recommended, but no rooms are being held for our event. Each location is a short taxi or Uber/Lyft ride from, or less than 10 minutes walk.

  • The Mansfield Hotel
  • Citadines Connect 5th Avenue
  • EVEN Hotel NY


There is no parking on-site. However there is an adjacent parking garage that can be reserved in advance at a daily (12 hour max) rate of $33. Please contact Natalee for more details.

Raving Fans

Check out the 2017 Time & Freedom LIVE! Highlight Reel, including participant testimonials.

(Wait! Where is the 2018 video? I didn’t host this event, because I was living in Costa Rica! That’s time and freedom, baby!)


Everyone in my community is a VIP. Welcome aboard!

Tickets include:

Admission to 3-day Time & Freedom LIVE! Training Event
All Training Materials
#JoyfulMarketing Scavenger Hunt
Networking and Connection Opportunities
Opening Night Dinner + Private Comedy Show
Central Park Walking Tour + Catered Lunch
Coffee/Tea + Morning and Afternoon Snacks


Note: Tickets are non-refundable, and non-transferable. You will be added to our email list upon registration where you will receive your welcome email and occasional updates.

Need help deciding if this event is for you? Please schedule a consultation by clicking here.

Shannon Hernandez is onto something BIG with her idea that not everyone needs to market their business in the same way. Who says you need to send a newsletter, if you are stronger in person, or love podcasts? I love Shannon’s idea so much, I begged her to teach a master class for my Write Club community. Our members ADORED her class – it was the best master class we’ve done all year. She’s a master teacher and her message frees us all from the idea that we all ‘should’ do marketing the same way.

– Stella Orange

I coach a group of online entrepreneurs on a weekly call. We are always looking for people who can enhance our groups’ knowledge of how to build successful online businesses. Shannon did a training for us on how content marketing works and more importantly why it is crucial to the growth of any business. Her knowledge and understanding of content marketing is unsurpassed. Everyone on the call walked away with an action plan to grow their businesses. Shannon is the real deal! She approaches content marketing from an authentic and heart-centered place. If you want to know how to build your business organically using content marketing, Shannon is the go-to expert you need in your corner.

– Monique Cunningham

It was a no-brainer to have Shannon speak at my 3-day event for entrepreneurs and wow, did she deliver value! Feedback from the event places Shannon as one of the highlights for attendees. Not only is she an amazing speaker to work with behind-the-scenes, she is committed to serving the audience with stellar content. She’s a dynamic, authentic, and inspiring speaker with solid content that empowers your audience to learn something tangible, not just be inspired for a short time.

I’ve also hosted Shannon on virtual talks for my community and the energy, passion, and value she brings in person also transfers beautifully online.

If you are looking for a no-fluff, authentic, value-driven speaker who over-delivers and is amazing to work with, have Shannon be a part of your event. It’s been an absolute pleasure to have Shannon be a part of my events. My audience loves her and so do I!

– Angella Johnson

Shannon Hernandez is a rock star! She was recently a speaker for our Allied Professional Women group and our attendees raved about how much they took away from the talk. Everyone left more motivated with a full list of to-dos and resources to help them boost their marketing efforts to grow their business.

She was a brilliant speaker and her presentation was very interactive. Her background allowed her to relate to any industry and easily engaged our diverse group of professional women.

Shannon was a true pleasure to work with in preparation for the event. She was responsive and professional. With our breakfast meeting starting at 8:00 am, she was prompt and prepared, making the early Monday morning run smoothly. She is truly an expert in her field and I would highly recommend Shannon as not only a speaker, but also a resource!

– Stacy Francis