Content Branding for Thought Leaders
On October 26-28, 2017, history will be made as Visionary Entrepreneurs gather to learn key strategies to leverage their content AND give themselves permission to stop doing the stuff they hate doing in their marketing.

Will you be one of them?


​Join me, M. Shannon Hernandez, founder of the Content Personality™ Wheel and founder of the Content Strategy Academy™, for three days as I give you my top strategies to use with your unique content, so you can become a thought leader in your market--and make more money, while doing less.

This event is NOT about all the things you should be doing in your business.

This event IS about teaching you how to do what you already love to do, in a way that creates total freedom for your finances and time.

This transformative event WILL help you understand your content marketing in a new way. There WILL be plenty of time for you to network and build strategic partnerships. (And for the record, by “network” I am referring to kickass, FUN activities like a dance party and cocktail hour!)

Do Less. Make More. Be Free.

Registration for this event is now open! Join me in Hamburg, NJ for a KICKASS experience!